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What Makes A Mature Woman So Irresistible 


The fascination men have with the mature woman and why she can attract him like a magnet, can be attributed to the years of trials and tribulations of life’s many journeys’ and adventures.

Each of these years have taught her, appreciation, tolerance, respect, not only for others but for herself.

The wisdom she has gained outweighs all the college and degrees she can choose to pursue; wisdom is not taught, it is learned from life’s experiences.

The mature woman is easy to be with, she doesn’t take life so serious all the time, she has come to embrace her sexiness, feeling her sensuality, pulling in all she can taste, smell, hear, feel and see, she uses all her five senses.

She finds the gifts in life that are free are most important. The smell of the flowers blooming in the fresh air, the sounds of birds chirping as the sun begins to rise, the touch of her lovers hands as they glide over her many curves of imperfection and yet so perfect, the wonderful way he whispers softly in her ear, making her giggle with excitement, his kisses so tender so sweet leaving her feeling giddy with appreciation of how he makes her feel.  She doesn’t look for what her lover can give her materially, she sees him for his heart and his soul.  Her maturity is imperative to the development of their relationship through how much they can laugh together, play together and love together.  Without all of this a relationship will dissolve.

The mature woman has gained patience to allow her man to be who he is and do what he must. She will support his dreams and goals but yet she will also pursue her own.

She projects much kindness for her family, friends and strangers. She has become humble from all life has taught her. She seeks to understand instead of assuming and judging.  The mature woman has obtained confidence and self-esteem, making her so irresistible and exceptionally sexy.

 A man craves to be with a woman who possesses these qualities.