How To Change Your Love Life From
Ordinary To Amazing

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Sophisticated And Intriguing

Sophistication with a bit of mystery adds to your persona, causing people to flock to you like a magnet, especially the male species.  A sophisticated person is one who has many great qualities, some of which are confidence educated, intelligence, manners, good taste, worldly wisdom, kindness, compassionate and a person with a great character that possesses charisma. 

Anyone can become sophisticated, search for many things to learn, maybe learn a new language, go back to school, take classes on manners, speaking in front of an audience, cruse the internet seeking out many countries to read up on as well as learning about other religions, maybe you want to learn how to garden, decorate/organize a house, gourmet cooking, just about anything you learn causes you to grow as a person and this makes you very interesting. 

Acquiring some mystery makes a person fascinating and causes people to want to know more about you.  Do Not revel everything all at once, keep some of your secrets to yourself and people will want more while seeking you out to get to know all about you and what makes you tick.

This combination of sophistication and intrigue attracts like a magnet and thought of as very sexy!!!