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Phone Poll; What Would You Prefer Sex or Cuddling

The Washington Post did a phone poll asking both sexes which they would prefer, sex or cuddling?

More than half of women–and some 40 percent of men — in the metropolitan area would be willing to trade “the act” for cuddling and tender treatment, according to a Washington Post public opinion poll of their views on sex.  Read more.

Sex and cuddling would be the perfect balance, releasing all the good feel hormones to the brain.

First Stage; lust, releasing Testosterone and Estrogen.

The male is made up of much more testosterone than the female and has very little estrogen. This is reversed for the female, much more estrogen and very little testosterone.

Second Stage; the attraction, releasing Adrenaline, Dopamine, Serotonin. this is when you feel that amazing feeling, can’t get enough of each other, combination of lust and infatuation.

Adrenaline and cortisol raises the blood levels causing the hands to sweat and the heart to race, causing high excitement from the mere sight of this person.

Dopamine; a neurotransmitter of desire and passion, triggering intense rush feelings of pleasure much like that of cocaine.

Serotonin; the chemical of falling in love, you keeping thinking of your lover, thoughts continue popping into your mind.

Third Stage; the bonding, Oxytocin and Vaspressin.

Powerful hormone released during orgasm, the more sex the couple participate in the more deeper the emotional bond.

When a mother gives child birth this hormone is released giving her a strong bond to her new born and it also releases milk to the breasts when ever she feels the connection to her child and when the child makes a sound or mom has sight of her baby.

Oxytocin injected into rats that never had sex, become connected to another female’s young and blocking oxytocin to the female mother causes rejection of her babies.

Vasopressin hormone; released after sex causes commitment for the long term. Scientists researched the prairie vole because of their over indulgence in sex than is necessary for reproduction. Like humans they form a long term commitment as a pair.

When the prairie vole was given an injection to block vasopressin the bond with the female ceased and the male lost interest in devotion and to protect the female from other male suitors.

Depending on the individual person’s perception of sex vs cuddling will determine what is most important to them, for this reason couples should communicate so as to choose partners that balance up with what is most important other wise the unbalance will cause much damage to the relationship and each other.

The research that scientists have founded about falling in love and choosing your partners, that makes for a successful loving relationship seems to be having lots of sex and cuddling, a balance to keeping a close emotional bond.