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The Mature Man Of Today's World


The male species is made up differently physically and emotionally in order to balance with the female.

A male’s hormone system is made up a little differently than the female’s, his physical appearance is more masculine, stronger bone structure, more body hair, larger features. His brain function varies, even looks different when compared to the female.

Even in today’s society the male instincts are still strong, having more testosterone than the female makes him more aggressive to protect, compete and hunt, this is why most men enjoy some sort of sport, and male hormones thrive on this.  He is the hunter and protector, any female who gives him a challenge will be the object of his affection.

He has one specific area in his brain that is 3 times larger than the woman’s and that is the area that stores his sexual thought’s, this explains why he thinks of sex frequently, this is normal.  He is much more visual than the female when it comes to the sensual body or physical looks of a woman, goes back to the beginning of time when a man was searching for a woman capable of carrying his children, he was turned onto a woman more full figured because this meant she would also be healthy enough to bare and carry his children to full term, this is why a large number of men are attracted to the size of a woman’s breasts.

The mature male has qualities that stand out when compared to the man still maturing.

He shows responsibility in all areas of his life, he holds a good job, makes sure his family is taken care of and is financially secure.

He has no problem making decisions; he weighs up all his options and then goes through with them.

He has a career or cause to give him passion and desire to go after what his wants and needs, he is driven.

He has close intimate relationships with family and friends, his buddies are not just friends to share sports day and compete with, but they are good friends he can share with on a more personal level.

A mature man finds it easy to express his deep emotions, what he feels and thinks. He has good communication skills, so there for, he is not like the immature male who pulls away.

He is trust worthy and honesty is his policy; he would never keep a woman hanging on if he knew she was not the one.

He will support you and be there for you as long as it makes you happy; he always wants to make his woman happy.

When he falls in love, you will not only get a good man you get a very sensual/sexual man who will want to meet all your needs, he will express his love for you, in his love making. It’s very important to him that you are satisfied and enjoy his lovemaking. He wants to know all your fantasies, everything that makes you tingle, makes you giddy, makes you smile, makes you desire him, while setting your passion for him on fire.  He will take his time, making you feel like his goddess.

He will always do his best to meet all your needs and to make all your dreams come true.