How To Change Your Love Life From
Ordinary To Amazing

All That Romance



The Successful Healthy Couple of Today's Society

Everyone’s way of life has changed dramatically in the last 50 yrs.  Our Society has become fast and furious.  The pace of life is moving so quickly, that it has become more stressful than ever before.  


For the average couple of today, it has become increasing challenging.  Sharing time together has become harder.   Most couples experience that both partners now work outside of the home. In many cases, both have professional careers.  When this might be combined with children, the couple might find it next to almost impossible to find intimate time together.


In order for couples to remain strong and keep the “in love” feelings alive, it takes much maturity and understanding of what it actually takes to keep the fires burning.  The Couples must not only be lovers but also best friends.  One relationship does not work without the other.


Many couples put their relationship last on their list of things to do.  This is a death sentence for any romantic loving relationship to be able to thrive and grow.  The Couples need to be in balance with each other.  This is how our planet functions to near perfection.


Our brain has many different chemical hormones it sends out.  For instance, when we first meet someone, we release hormones.  This is due to the fact that we extremely desire that person.  As we begin the dating process, this is stage one or desire.  These hormones released are testosterone and estrogen.


The second stage is attraction.  At this stage we are so crazy in lust; we can’t get enough of each other.   These hormones are dopamine, serotonin and adrenaline.  The problem is that these hormones tend to slow down after the newness begins to wear off. 


We then enter phase three where we begin the bonding.   The hormones Oxytocin and vasopressin are in place when we fall in love.  These hormones must remain in use throughout the relationship.  


To change your love life from ordinary to amazing try using ideas, such as when we try a new sexual position or get a little wilder than we have in the past will increase these hormones.  The simple task of sharing fantasies together or maybe a little role play will increase the libido.  


This is like breathing fresh air into our intimate playtime; it’s new and will escalate the lusty crazy feelings that stage two used to bring.


Couples of today must always remain lovers to feel the closeness of being best friends.  Feeling the strong trust, which must be achieved, enables the couple to maintain a long term committed loving relationship. Always putting the needs of the relationship first and thinking of your partner first is vital in every relationship.   When both partners are successful in doing so, they will have a fulfilling, loving, partnership, for many years to come.