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Ordinary To Amazing

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Marriage Is Sacred

marriage is sacred

Learn how to change your love life from ordinary to amazing in your marriage with, confidence, positive thinking and good communications skills.

Attracting intimacy in a marriage is a sacred union between two people who have come together from a result of realizing how much they love one another and want to be together as a life couple.  Both partners need to take on all the responsibilities of building a deep committed relationship out of compassion, compromise, loyalty, devotion, respect, appreciation and trust. 

Deciding to marry and begin a life together takes a mature decision for both partners.  In the beginning, it is the honeymoon stage and a critical one, you may over look behaviors, that may affect your feelings later on after the honeymoon is over. Take a look at the big picture but don't sweat the small stuff, like for instance if he leaves his boxers on the floor or she hangs her bra's on the door handles.

Do pay attention to actions of disrespect and/or anger issues; never stay in an abusive marriage, in some cases this doesn't show up until the abuser has total control over their partner. This is why it is so important to learn all you can about your partner before you choose to marry.

Hopefully you have learned excellent communication skills with each other and this will determine if you will continue to grow as a couple and individuals.  As they say, learn to fight fair and remember you both love each other and no one sets out to hurt their partner.  When you feel hurt from an action or words spoken by your partner, stop before jumping to conclusions that they are doing this deliberately.  Communicate to your partner what you are feeling with compassion, never attack them, this will fuse the fire before it ignites into a full blown argument fueled with drama, these actions will only hurt your relationship.

Always interact physically, keep the passion hot bringing new variety to your love making.  Continue to date each other through out your relationship, remind each other from time to time why you fell in love with him/her.  Make time for each other intimately. Don't always be so serious, be flirty and always aim to continue to have fun.  Staying in love, takes both participating and supporting each other through out the relationship. 

Humans are not perfect so life is not either, the closest we will come to perfection is maintaining a balance.  Best friends and lovers will balance the couple

Improving your love life, confidence, positive thinking and attract intimacy while putting the relationship and each other first will bring balance and contentment.