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Flirt And Have Fun

flirting is a way of getting someones attention that you've become attracted to for the first time, or a person who has been in your life for a long time. 

For some, flirting is easy, comes natural to them, they'll flirt if not interested in anything more than a connection with just a friend, this type of flirting could be as innocent as a smile and a compliment, a form of an act of kindness.  Be careful as to not confuse their kindness as an actual attraction to you. The difference is obvious when the person takes the compliments a bit further, for instance, they may smile and say to you, "what a great smile you have" or "saying wow you have sexy blues" , "I could get lost in your baby blues".  these are definite flirts of attraction.

There is a difference between flirting and seducing.  Flirting is more of a subtle innocent way of showing a person you are interested, it's an innocent playful tease.  Seduction is more of a sexual intent, deliberately leading and knowing if you accept, the outcome will be a sexually physical connection.  Depending on how long you have been dating or if you are in a relationship, you can combine flirting and seduction, making for an exciting experience. 

If you are a shy person and have a hard time bringing yourself to flirt, then start out slowly, try smiling at a man/woman who is your friend, mentioning how you like the color of his/her shirt/top, and how good it looks.  When you feel comfortable with these types of innocent flirts then take it up a notch to a man/woman you are interested in by smiling and "saying, I love the color green on you, compliments your great assets", and if you are really brave add a wink.  Their are many ways you can get someones attention, for instance reach across someone as you excuse yourself to retrieve a condiment for your sandwich or a napkin, allowing your hand/arm to touch up against the person of interest as you turn your head, to give a quick gaze into their eyes with an added smile.

Come up with some of your own, practice with your friends, just remember to not confuse flirting with seduction. 

Have fun with it and don't take it to seriously.