How To Change Your Love Life From
Ordinary To Amazing

All That Romance



First Impression

Are you an experienced dater or just getting back out into the single world? If you are divorced or widowed, then meeting people is a must. Think about if you want to be with someone special that leads to a committed relationship or maybe you just want a casual form of dating, not willing to give up the single life.

You will want to search in places to meet the right types of people for your individual wants and needs, think about what brings you pleasure in your life:

1. Maybe you like to camp, going camping to camp grounds that are having special events going on.

2. Do you enjoy reading, go to the library, join a book club.

3. Maybe writing is your passion, join writing classes, a literary group in your city. If they do not have one available, join one online.

4. How about someone who enjoys dancing, maybe ballroom dancing, sign up for dance lessons.

5. Are you a gardener, search for places that have gardening in mind.

6. Is it swimming you enjoy, go to your local community pools or lake in your area, renting cabins on a lake.

7.Enjoy fishing, check out your local lakes for boat and cabin rentals. Inquire about fishing licenses, most counties in most states require a fishing license. 

8. Furthering your education has a wide area of ways to gather to meet new people, check your local newspaper and online sources. 

9. Are you a sports fan, maybe you enjoy participating in sports. Join local community leagues in baseball, softball, basketball, their are mixed gender teams in some sports.  Go to professional games in the sport you are interested in, this is another way of gathering in places to meet. Check online by typing in your sport for gatherings and groups to join.

10. Do you like to exercise regularly, then go to a gym to meet people or your local park where people gather to run or walk.

11. If you are a religious/spiritual person, join church and groups of your choice, many churches have an abundance of variety groups.

What ever brings you pleasure, seek out places to go and meet people that share your same interests. 

Now that you are meeting many people, lets date shall we, and change your love life from ordinary to amazing.


Both parties establish a location for your date, wear the appropriate clothes for the occasion, for instance you don't want to wear dress clothes and dress shoes to an outdoor picnic, dress very casual.

When out on a date their are a few things you must do to get his/her attention, this will also help you to learn more about your date. Lets start with the right questions and subjects to use and not use.

First Impressions are vital, its hard to change how a person perceives you after the first meeting, so make it a lasting positive date even if you realize they are not for you, always be kind but honest.

Smile while gazing into your dates eyes, this shows confidence and interest in what they have to say. Listen closely to what they have to share, always allowing your date to feel you are interested in them, making them feel good.

Never talk about past boyfriends/girlfriends, concentrate on positive subjects. Ask what sorts of interests attract them in their life and fun to do, what interests makes them feel passionate. Compliment them on the color of their eyes, maybe its their amazing smile that attracts you. Tell them how the color yellow compliments them or how blue brings out the color of their eyes. Turning the attention from yourself to them is always a way to get someone to see you as a person who makes them feel good. We may not always remember what someone says but we always remember how they made us feel.

If you are on your first date, I would suggest not having a physical encounter, get to know more about the person before becoming sexual, simply because chemical hormones released in the brain can cause an infatuation of extremes, this can fog up your logical thinking much to early, and it may end before its really had a chance to take off while causing emotions to become highly exposed, causing hurt feelings for one or both of the parties evolved. Take your time and remember this is not a job interview, enjoy how it feels getting to know one another and have lots of fun.