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My research into relationships, romance and love have taken me to many groups, websites, dating sites  and social networks online as well as in person. 

I have Connected with people from all over the world, of all ages, religions, backgrounds and with both genders. 

Women were so excited to share what their thoughts were on the subjects of love, romance, sex and more, but I found men most interesting since they have a hard time opening up about their feelings and emotions, yet they were very willing to open up to me.

My conversations led to subjects into relationships of many different sexual interests, some quite deep in the area's of taboo (fetishes, BDSM, swinging), and relationships committed to straight and homosexual as well as couples who were in open relationships.

All People are different about what is important to them in their lives, especially between a man and woman. Their is a difference in the thought systems of the genders, because of gender differences in the hormone systems.  The brain is made to function for the needs each gender has to bring to each other, in order for the human race to survive.  I believe we need to stay in touch with our remarkable instincts as we continue to evolve as a race.  Our planet works to it's best ability when balance is brought to every species and every part of our world.

I am an advocate on committed long term relationships between a man and woman.

I know not everyone will agree or like what I have to share.  We all need to respect one another and our differences. I hope I can guide in understanding and growth.  

Thank You to all the many friends I have had the pleasure of connecting with.

The Most Powerful Force In The Universe is LOVE!

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To succeed in happiness and contentment in all the many different facets of romance and love, you need to have an awesome attitude along with passions that make you feel amazing.

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